Therapeutic Harp Music is available within healthcare facilities or private home hospice settings. Her music is booked as a 20 minute session starting at $40,  or $100 per hour session.  This healing modality is also available remotely on several online platforms.   

Travel rates may apply depending on the location.

For Booking TEXT or CALL Susan at 512-766-4166


To view her Harp Entertainment site for weddings & corporate events please visit: 


For Calming and Meditative Sound Baths using Singing Bowls and Harp: 

Starting rate is 1st Hour for $150, Each additional 30 min for $50

 For a Group there's a 5 person minimum at $30/person

This is perfect for a corporate retreat or an employee in-service session at a business. 

For travel outside of Austin (depending on location) additional fees may apply.